Month: April 2019

What do I do with my doubts?

Is it ok to admit that you have doubts? Maybe it was my paradigm, but as a Christian growing up I felt having any sort of doubt was anathema to my faith. Moreover, everyone else around me seemed to get it and they were soldiering on. What made matters worse was that I didn’t feel …

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Mixing Church and State?

Ever wondered about the shift in the relationship between the Church (God’s people) and State (political authority) between the Old and New Testament and its implications? In the Old Testament, there was no distinction because the State (Israel) was God’s people. However, from the New Testament onwards, the Church (God’s people) is a subset of …

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Is everyone welcome in your church?

I am certain for most of us, our first thought would be, “yes, of course, everyone is welcome in my church!”. Well, let’s imagine a prostitute walked into your church wearing her street clothes. She walks up to where you are sitting and sits next to you. She smells like she’s been partying all night …

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