Two Thieves

Ever wondered what it was like for the soldiers who nailed Jesus to the cross moments after they died? They came face to face with Jesus – the One they mocked, spat on, tortured and then crucified in the most gruesome, despicable manner. Now, they saw Him for who He really was; Jehovah, The Judge …

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Swimming against the current

Like so many, I battle with the images that have inundated our screens in recent days and weeks. Anyone who doesn’t believe in evil should watch images of one man kneeling on another’s neck as he pleads for breath and cries for his mother, while his life slowly ebbs away. Or watch images of corpses …

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What does Easter mean for you?

At Easter, we commemorate an event which has only happened once in the history of the world. 2000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth was gruesomely tortured and killed. However, 3 days later, He rose from the dead. Jesus, after His resurrection, appeared to more than 500 people over 40 days. In some cases, He even …

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