A resolution for the new year

While reflecting on 2022, my wife asked me: “what would you like to achieve in 2023?”. My immediate response was: “Spiritual growth”, that is, deeper intimacy with God. I promise you I wasn’t being sanctimonious. The overriding revelation from the last few years of my Christian experience is that spiritual growth results in a better …

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Encouragement for the “ye of little faith”

Four times the Bible says: “…the just shall live by (his) faith” [Habakkuk 2:4], and elsewhere, it also says: “…for we (believers, or the just) walk by faith, and not by sight” [2 Corinthians 5:7]. These are just some of the many verses in Scripture emphasising the truth that faith is an essential virtue in …

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Be a contender

It can be difficult for us to be honest with ourselves. It’s even harder to make changes after an honest self-appraisal. Consequently, many of us become adept at making excuses for ourselves or ignoring aspects of our lives we need to change, either by avoiding introspection or constructive criticism from others. Unfortunately, without a willingness …

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