Lessons from Lot

In his letter to the Church in Rome, Paul remarked that the Old Testament Scriptures were written for our instruction [Romans 15:4]. So, it’s always worth reflecting on the characters as we read the Bible, especially in historical books. I’m currently studying the book of Genesis, and Lot, Abraham’s nephew, is one of those intriguing …

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Deconstructing the Christian walk: Part 3

Several people gave up everything to follow Jesus during His earthly ministry. Some of them left behind their families, jobs, etc., to accompany a street preacher on evangelical missions across Israel for three years [Luke 18:28]. It was a risky, uncomfortable leap of faith [Luke 6:58]. John tells us that these men and women beheld …

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Whose voice was that?

What’s a lie? That’s a simple enough question, but I’d never given it much thought. Simply put, a lie is anything that doesn’t agree with God’s word. That will be controversial for some people. But if Jesus is the Truth, then whatever doesn’t agree with Him is a lie [John 14:6]. The challenge is that …

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