The cost of busyness

Growing up, both of my parents had full-time jobs. But I distinctly remember having breakfast and dinner as a family most days. Yet, this is an experience foreign to my kids and many of my contemporaries. We live in the fast lane, rushing from one activity to the next. We barely stop to rest, reflect …

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Are you sitting at the banquet table?

As I reflect on my life, I am convinced that my greatest deficiency is not truly knowing, comprehending and believing how God feels about me. As Christians, we often make very profound statements flippantly, like: “I am a child of God”. Such a statement has huge implications for us and God. God is The King, …

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Christians and politics

Many of us identify with a particular political ideology. It determines how we vote and in some cases, becomes part of our identity. In our day of political polarization, anyone who disagrees with our political ideology is the enemy. Therefore, I must make every effort to ensure they don’t get into government or hold positions …

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