Abhor ignorance

It is possible and easy to be an ignorant Christian. That’s not just true of recent converts; even lifelong devout Christians can be ignorantly zealous [Romans 10:2]. In fact, several verses in the Bible suggest that every believer starts on the ignorant end of the spectrum [e.g. 1 Corinthians 12:1]. Nevertheless, we progress as we …

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Christian frustration

Let’s be honest; there are many frustrated Christians in our churches. They are frustrated with God because their life experiences are at odds with the promises concerning them in the Bible. Sadly, we often lack the courage of someone like Gideon, who questioned an angel about God’s faithfulness [Judges 6:13], to confront the disparity between …

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Be a contender

It can be difficult for us to be honest with ourselves. It’s even harder to make changes after an honest self-appraisal. Consequently, many of us become adept at making excuses for ourselves or ignoring aspects of our lives we need to change, either by avoiding introspection or constructive criticism from others. Unfortunately, without a willingness …

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