Lessons from Lot

In his letter to the Church in Rome, Paul remarked that the Old Testament Scriptures were written for our instruction [Romans 15:4]. So, it’s always worth reflecting on the characters as we read the Bible, especially in historical books. I’m currently studying the book of Genesis, and Lot, Abraham’s nephew, is one of those intriguing …

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Deconstructing the Christian walk: Part 2

In any journey, it’s worthwhile to know where you are in relation to your destination. Anyone who decides to follow Jesus must realise that it’s a journey with a predetermined path, and we aren’t at liberty to change the route or the destination. In the first part of this discourse, I pointed out that if, …

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Would you become an ant?

I wrote previously about the challenge when God doesn’t answer our difficult questions. Often, we think about the difficult questions of life from the perspective of pain, suffering, death, etc. Yet, there are other significant questions which we sometimes overlook. For instance, when Adam and Eve sinned, why didn’t God abandon the whole human experiment …

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