Everyone gets to play!

Last week, I wrote about prioritising the Great Commission in our lives. It’s worth noting that Jesus didn’t ask His disciples to fulfil this commission on their own. On the contrary, He told His disciples to wait until they received the promised Holy Spirit who would empower them to be His witnesses throughout the world …

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What are you doing with your talent?

Matthew, in his gospel, captures Jesus’ final teaching on the future before His crucifixion. In Matthew 24, Jesus provides answers to questions from His apostles on His return, when the world will end, and signs that the world is about to end. And in the next chapter, Matthew captures what Jesus expects His followers to …

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Mixing Church and State?

Ever wondered about the shift in the relationship between the Church (God’s people) and State (political authority) between the Old and New Testament and its implications? In the Old Testament, there was no distinction because the State (Israel) was God’s people. However, from the New Testament onwards, the Church (God’s people) is a subset of …

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