How does anyone just have faith?

Hang around Christians long enough, and some well-meaning person is going to tell you to “just have faith” when you’re in a quandary. Is it just me, or are there others who find that a little vague? Faith in what? That what I want to happen will happen? I know we’re meant to walk by …

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The tension in-between

Sometimes, we Christians are terrible at acknowledging reality. We act as though we’re exempt from the consequences of living in a fallen world, something Jesus categorically refutes [John 16:33]. The truth is that we live in dual realities, often at odds with each other. That’s the tension we must acknowledge and deal with. God is …

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Cast your burdens

“Who’s driving?” my 4-year old asks her 7-year old brother. “Daddy” he responds confidently. He then adds: “all we have to do is sit back and relax”. I smiled at myself because I’ve been reflecting on what it means to cast your burdens onto Jesus especially in difficult times. This was an object lesson. My …

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