Four wisdoms

I once read that wisdom is knowledge rightly applied. That definition takes wisdom out of the realm of abstraction. It makes wisdom practical and something we should covet. In truth, there’s much we don’t know about life. Yet, we make multiple decisions daily with wide-ranging implications. Often, our hubris prevents us from questioning how well …

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Some thoughts on relationships

Many couples around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday. So, I’ve been thinking about relationships, especially marriage. This week, I’d like to share some thoughts on marriage with those already married, and those looking to get married because sadly, there are too many struggling Christian marriages. Statistically, there seems to be no difference between Christian …

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Christians and politics

Many of us identify with a particular political ideology. It determines how we vote and in some cases, becomes part of our identity. In our day of political polarization, anyone who disagrees with our political ideology is the enemy. Therefore, I must make every effort to ensure they don’t get into government or hold positions …

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