About Charles

I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus. I am also a husband and father. I titled this blog “Ramblings of a Pilgrim” because “Pilgrim” best describes me. As you will read in one of my blog posts, the examination of my faith and its relevance to every aspect of life began when I became a father.

A friend had told me a few years earlier that his greatest challenge as a father wasn’t changing nappies, sleepless nights or the complete re-orientation of life as he knew it. It was the daunting prospect of being responsible for raising a child. As a parent, you play a major role in forming your child’s moral and spiritual compass, this was his foremost challenge. I didn’t fully grasp what he meant until I became a father. It occurred to me that one day I would have to explain my moral and spiritual choices to my children. I would also have to be convinced of those choices to adequately guide my children as they form their worldviews.

Equipping myself to guide my children led me on a journey to understand my worldview. My quest is to understand more deeply who I am, why I am a Christian, who God says I am, what He did for me, what He asks of me and the implications of my answers to these questions to my worldview. I believe it is essential to regularly examine our worldviews and question the beliefs we hold because they ultimately determine how we live life. I hope my blog posts will help you with your own introspection and encourage you on your journey.

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