The Innkeeper

There’s an intriguing phrase tucked into Hebrews 13:2. It cautions Christians not to neglect hospitality to strangers because some have unknowingly entertained angels. One implication of this phrase is that not everyone who crosses our path is human, a thought which warrants some reflection. In any case, I suspect the author of Hebrews may have …

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Would you become an ant?

I wrote previously about the challenge when God doesn’t answer our difficult questions. Often, we think about the difficult questions of life from the perspective of pain, suffering, death, etc. Yet, there are other significant questions which we sometimes overlook. For instance, when Adam and Eve sinned, why didn’t God abandon the whole human experiment …

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What if the first Christmas never happened?

Have you ever wondered how things would be if there was no Christmas? Or put another way, how would life be different for you if the first Christmas never happened? Honestly, it’s a question I never considered until recently. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year for many and usually, a time most families …

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